Latest Retaining Wall Developments

Retaining walls have usually been used for practical reasons, including allowing the soil to remain in place and reduce the erosion of natural wear and tear. New trends are emerging. We can see the development that have occurred both in the residential and commercial industry where many homeowners and designers who incorporate retaining walls to house not only for their practical purposes but also for the beautiful design elements they offer.

If you are thinking about building a retaining wall, please continue to read, you will find some of the latest trends and begin to understand both the function and design elements they offer. You can navigate retaining wall repair Atlanta via for getting more information about retaining wall repairs.

Maintaining plant wall

The green revolution has been a major influence in the rise of 'retaining walls of plants. We have seen resurgence in the number of people who seek to feel closer to nature and incorporate a more natural aspect into their homes, especially for those who live close to the city.

Retaining Walls Plants have grown in popularity because they allow homeowners to be closer to nature without leaving their own home. They also make a smooth, gentle environment.  

Concrete Block Segmental Retaining Walls

The use of segmental concrete blocks is one of the trends of the most common retaining wall. The way they hold and lock together does not require the use of mortar. Concrete segmental retaining wall blocks can be used to create driveways, porches and patios/decks because they have the ability to create straight or curved lines.  

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