Questions to Ask Your Registered Training Organisation

A lot of individuals enter vocational training and education classes without investigating their livelihood choices…

Keep in mind, businesses are there to assist you in every way, so if you're unsure of course choices or what's available for you, inform them! If you want to establish an RTO organization, then you can get help at

Listed below is a compiled 'mock' question and response situation of what somebody interested in getting the certification can inquire. If you don't have enough time to telephone your training provider, a lot of the below information is usually available on the preferred registered training organizations site!

So have a look at a selection of RTOs before deciding on your own program.

Q: By Doing the training and assessment course what qualification will I get?

A: The Training and Assessment qualification can be obtained as a Certificate or Diploma qualification, based upon your career requirements.

Q: Is the eligibility nationally recognized?

A: This is a really important question. Not all training associations provide their classes as nationally recognized. Make certain to check if the qualification you get is nationally recognized and nationally licensed.

Q: Can I build with this qualification?

A: Normally… Yes!

Alternately, a huge majority of pupils undertake vocational training and education as a pathway into some other higher education qualifications like university.

Additionally, some students decide to tackle a different qualification that's complementary to the Training and Assessment qualification this OH&S program.

Q: How long does the eligibility take?

A: This is dependent upon your training provider, however, the class usually runs for 12 weeks. But, timing factors contribute to numerous variables.