Raising Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Although September is the 'official' ovarian cancer awareness month, women of all ages need to know about this disease.

Well, first of all, there are pre-menopausal women who get ovarian cancer, although this situation is not as usual. Second, with the right ovarian cancer awareness, a young woman can make lifestyle choices that can help lower the chances of getting the disease later on in the future.

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So, what are some of the issues that should be of concern when it comes to awareness of ovarian cancer? Well, the first element of the proper ovarian cancer alertness involves protective measures a woman can do to reduce her risk of developing the situation.

Precautionary measures include: having babies in their 20s someone, breastfeeding, taking birth control pills, powder avoids both in themselves and when changing diapers and eating a healthy diet with the number of saturated fats and dairy products.

Women who are at greater risk could also consider getting ovarian or get a hysterectomy when they are older.

Its next concern when it comes to ovarian cancer attentiveness involves teaching women of the signs related to the condition. These symptoms involve abdominal pain and urinary incontinence in the initial stages of the disease.

The final element of awareness of ovarian cancer must involve giving voice to the women who have this disease.

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